Your Seniority Level is Determined by the Amount of Uncertainty you can Handle

The Scale of Uncertainty

  • Definition of the task — Vague tasks are not vague because your manager wants to make your life hard. Those are vague because your manager doesn’t know the answer. The less clear the task — the further it is in the scale.
    Senior engineers use their knowledge and experience to pave the way forward for a solution for everyone else.
  • Amount of different possible paths — In the above example, visitation decrease can happen for tons of reasons. Taking ownership on the task means to take the right decisions along the way out of all the different possible paths. Mapping the possible paths is usually even more important and harder than making the right choice.
  • Amount of people needed — Changes can be too big for one engineer to handle, and a task force would be required. Leading a group of engineers is always harder than leading yourself. The bigger the group, it’s harder to handle.
  • Amount of risks — also here, mapping is harder than mitigating. Understanding the risks your project involves will be way harder in more complex projects.

The Seniority Level Framework



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Guy Gadon

Guy Gadon

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