Growing as an engineer (and not as a manager)

Engineering Specialty

  • Technical Specialties: Embedded and Low Level, UI, Android/iOS, Open Source, Graphics — Technical Expertise stands for the abilities that eventually determine which kind of technical environment we will take part in. Choosing an aspect from this list usually determines your path for the kind of companies you are going to look for and the kind of teams you would pursue
  • Meta-Technical Specialties: architecture, scaling, bug-fixing, tech-leading — This is more of the “kind of technical problems you are looking for”. I tend to connect to this theme more than the pure technical one.
  • Cultural Specialities: mentoring abilities, team-building, communication — these are the more soft, but not less important.
  • Architecture: big, complex systems, make me thrilled and effective. When I write code, I want to be all over the stack, understanding the higher level picture and tradeoffs and solving architectural problems.
  • Generating scope for other people: I like thinking ahead and creating engineering directive and strategy. I like taking a team through a path of execution of complex systems, by creating projects and scopes for the people around me.



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Guy Gadon

Guy Gadon

Writing on Software Engineering & Leadership. Enjoying writing code, reading and cycling.