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  • Naomi Gleit

    Naomi Gleit

    Naomi is the Head of Product at Meta and is responsible for leading several teams that build social impact and safety products.

  • Graeme Lindsay

    Graeme Lindsay

    Engineering Manager at the BBC

  • Josef (Yossi) Goldstein

    Josef (Yossi) Goldstein

    The Data & Culture guy. Currently leading the Big Data Platform group @ Making better software, one pep talk at a time.

  • Masterclass Notes

    Masterclass Notes

    Summaries of lessons from the best

  • Medium Creators

    Medium Creators

    Tips, tricks, and tools for Medium creators

  • Ev Williams

    Ev Williams

    CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, aspiring motivational speaker 🤸‍♂️

  • Personal Growth

    Personal Growth


  • Pinterest Engineering

    Pinterest Engineering | Inventive engineers building the first visual discovery engine

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