Does Growth Mindset Exist in Big Tech?

Mindsets, illustrated. Credit: Ethics Unwrapped
  1. In FB, you own your career. It isn’t just a phrase. You make all of the decisions, from which team to be in to what projects you’ll work on. You can choose to work on things that challenge you, if that’s what you’re after.
  2. The challenges are endless — The company deals with so many different products and aspects of technology in the largest scale that exists. There is always a bigger challenge to pursue.
  3. The leveling system helps to push engineers’ mindsets towards the growth mindset — you have a framework that helps you create self consciousness about the things you’re good at and the things you need to improve. In times where people find it hard to identify areas for growth, such a system is valuable.
  1. In some aspects, the Performance Reviews prevent engineers from developing a true growth mindset. Many engineers tend to maximize their efforts while thinking about the short term success and how they are perceived in the company, and not about the long-term process. This is something that the company tries to deal with (FB just moved to annual reviews instead of semi-annually) but it’s still too early to assess.
  2. When an engineer is stressed about their performance review — it is harder to take big risks — a failure can result in a low performance review and can end up getting fired. So even if the challenge is there, an engineer needs to be confident enough to take it.



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Guy Gadon

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