Peak performers, at their best — Peter Sagan, Wout Van Aert, Sam Bennett, and Caleb Ewan (©, 2020)

Le Tour De France is happening these days. Cyclists from all around the world come in their best shape to race in one of the hardest road races that exist. These cyclists prepare all season in order to race at peak performance. What is peak performance? How do they achieve it? Is it sustainable over time?

I love cycling — It’s one of my biggest passions. Cycling training theory suggests that the season is planned, aiming to build peak performance in certain events only.
It suggests that building peak performance means to perform worse in any other phase of the…

Ambiguity is intimidating. Taking the responsibility on the path to take, on mapping the risks correctly, on building the execution plan. In my day to day, dealing with complex and uncertain projects can lead to mental difficulties. Dealing with them successfully, though, is a real growth experience.

In some sense, in my personal point of view, being able to deal with ambiguity of different levels is a true sign for seniority. In fact, I would like to argue that the only metric that successfully defines seniority is the amount of uncertainty one can handle.

The Scale of Uncertainty

“Change the color of this button…

In order to learn how to write, you first need to learn how to read. One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read more content from a variety of authors.

Why should it be different in coding?

Have you ever seen a coding course that actually teaches you how to read code before you write it?

The answer is no. Maybe because it’s quite hard to do well, or just because engineers focus more on making things work and force the computer to do what they want it to do without thinking about anything else.


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Software Engineers tend to think that being a successful engineer means being an awesome coding machine.

It’s true that with the ability to code, you’ll be able to get things done and move quite fast.
It’s also true that without the ability to code well you’ll find it hard to succeed in the tech world.

I’d like to suggest that once you get to a certain engineering level, the amount of responsibility you take increases dramatically. At that point — you understand: keeping responsibilities only to yourself becomes impossible, you can not grow alone.

This is also the point you…

The ability to make things happen using a coding language and some lines of code is great and super important, but unfortunately it is not enough to define one as an independent developer. Because, in my opinion, development is not all about coding.

I will define a developer to be independent if, as a manager, I can say they make my life easier. What does it mean? Well, basically it means that I don’t have to keep tracking their progress continuously. …

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Writing on Software Engineering & Leadership. Enjoying writing code, reading and cycling.

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